Jack Dorsey Offers Advice

At this week’s TechCrunch Disrupt, twitter creator Jack Dorsey demo’d his new product and company called Square, very cool stuff. Check out the video below to learn more. But what I enjoyed was Jack‘s very refreshing and relevant advice to entrepreneurs looking to raise money from venture capitalists. Surely this applies to angels too, but @jack was really talking about VCs. Check it out, it’s about 14 minutes in.

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TechCrunch Boston: What I missed

Bob and I went to the TechCrunch Boston Meetup Friday night. We got there at about 6:15 and the place was already filling in nicely. We bumped around upstairs, helped ourselves to a couple drinks, ran into some folks from around the way, checked out some demos, hung out with some new local entrepreneurs and ultimately had a nice time. My friend Don Dodge was there and he introduced us to Mike Arrington who, much to my surprise, was a lot more fun-going than I imagined he’d be. However, we had to leave. Friday was my birthday and I had my wife and some friends waiting in Copley Sq for me, so they could mess me up. So Bob and I left and went about our business of getting messed up. I regretted having to leave and I expressed it to Bob as we were walking about. But c’est la vie.

Then, this morning, Don emailed me his blog post about the rest of the night and I see what I actually missed. Too much to bear. But, it was my birthday so I do have a good excuse for leaving! I would have loved to chatted with Doc Searls, for starters – that’s just for starters. I guess you know you’re a real web geek when missing the chance to gab with Doc Searls is one of the bigger disappointments.

Anyway, Bob and I had a nice time. I said to Mike Arrington, “Ya know Mike, it’s about time you brought TechCrunch to Boston, man.” He looked at me with this expression of shock and amazement and said , “I know I can’t believe this! What a great town! We’ll definitely be back!” He emphasized “definitately.” I’m very much looking forward to the next event.

TechCrunch Boston