Congratulations to Jack Connolly

Congratulations Jack Connolly, for winning the Alderman-at-Large seat! I’m proud of you, and really glad to see you back. You’ll be able to do even greater things now.

Jack Connolly was Alderman of Somerville’s greater Davis Square neighborhood (insert Ward # here) for 22 years, until he lost a couple years ago to the young Rebekah Gewirtz. It was a real upset for Mr. Connolly, and his supporters. Rebekah did a heck of a job getting the younger and YUPPY vote, and Jack ended up being a victim of his own hard work.

I’m a big Jack Connolly fan, and I consider Jack a friend and ally to Citysquares. He’s a customer too. The work he’s done for the community, especially the small business community speaks for itself. Look at Davis Square in the 80s. Heck, look at Davis Square just 10 years ago! As hard as some of his naysayers try, no one can take that away from him. Jack might be a bit old school, but look folks, this is Somerville, Massachusetts, not Berkeley, California. Jack’s old school connections and ways are necessary to navigate the political systems in Somerville and greater Boston.

Funny how things happen, huh Jack? See you around buddy!