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Not much to see here other than lots of links to my other places online. So check it:

My photography site is here, at Ben Saren Photography.
My professional blog, is here at Your Suspect.
My company is CitySquares – Your Neighborhood, Online.
My personal blog is at ben.iswhoi.am.
My lifestream is on the right of this page.
My twitter is here, and I got another right here.

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Introducing The CitySquares Company Blog!

Your Suspect has always been about my experiences and perspectives as an entrepreneur running CitySquares.com. I started this blog in the early days of CitySquares, the sweat equity days. I’ve tried to hold back from doing too much of a PR spin on things and just try to give it to you raw and real. In doing so I feel like I’ve also a bit of a disservice to my company by not talking about certain CitySquares specific things like new products, features, campaigns, traffic, sales, other stuff – stuff that can only be reported from the battlefield. This blog here, at Your Suspect, is my blog, and my opinions are not those of CitySquares. And now we have a place for that – at The CitySquares Blog!

A quote from the first post on The CitySquares Blog:

This is the start of something new. I’ve been blogging for quite a while on my own personal blog, Your Suspect, which is both about CitySquares and local search but really more about my perspectives and experiences as an entrepreneur. I’ve been blogging about such things since the earliest days of CitySquares but I’ve always wanted to give Bob, my cofounder, and other coworkers with a place to let their voices be heard from a company perspective, within the trenches.

Rest assured though that this blog here, at Your Suspect, will continue to be as it is – honest, a little brash at times, opinionated, and authentic. I hope you will enjoy both blogs!

So without further ado I invite you to jump over to and subscribe to The CitySquares Blog.