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D’ya play poker? Do you stay in for every hand? Of course not. Well, some of you may and I bet you lose a lot more than you win. I have a friend who’s reputed for staying in far longer than he should, and each time asked why he stayed in, he gladly volunteers, “I wanted to see what you had.” Needless to say he’s not a good poker player, and he loses more than he wins but he’s in it for the fun, not the profits, not to improve his game, not for the skill. That’s a choice he makes. The most disciplined skill a poker player can hone in his/her overall strategy is simply knowing when to fold. As sure as my friend’s strategy will drain his wallet, a slower and more frustrating way to lose is by losing ante after ante, bleeding your pockets empty, all while waiting for the right hand – which never comes. And some poker nights go like that. You never really win, but you never really lose – you just bleed out. Yet you can’t win if you don’t play, and you can’t play if you don’t ante. In poker, as in life, there’s a time for daring and there’s a time for caution.

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WGBH Innovation Hub Gadget Review – December 2013

Yet another installment of Boston Public Radio’s Innovation Hub‘s Gadget Guru, from yours truly. This is really quite fun. Check it out, two pieces of audio with the second being a web extra. They’re only a few minutes each, so give a listen. Hope you enjoy! Also, below the clips are my full reviews of each gadget; something I might do each time going forward. (Check out previous Gadget Guru segments here)

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WGBH Innovation Hub Gadget Review – November 2013

Another gadget review from yours truly on Kara Miller’s Innovation Hub program on Boston Public Radio. This time I cover the Parrot AR.Drone, the Meade LX90 telescope, and the highly addictive game Dots. It’s a brief segment, only about 8 minutes long, check it out…

You can also subscribe to the Innovation Hub podcast feed here on iTunes and hear my previous gadget reviews here.


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Boston Area Entrepreneurs: Have Lunch with Your Favorite CEO

My friend and entrepreneurial mentor Joe Caruso founded BREW (Boston Region Entrepreneurship Week) a few years ago and this year looks to be the biggest and best yet. As a quick aside, if you’re an entrepreneur in the greater Boston area you surely know (or at least know of) Joe. He’s reputation precedes him and it’s no surprise that entrepreneurs literally line up at his door to meet with him. While Joe is an active angel investor (with investments in HubSpot, Carbonite, Kinvey, SCVNGR & LevelUp, Skyhook Wireless, among many others) it’s through his intellectual capital that people find the most value.

Like previous BREW events, entrepreneurs have a chance to lunch with a selection of some of Boston’s hottest and most successful company CEOs and founders, including Jeremy Allaire, Desh Deshpande, Paul English, David Friend, Scott Griffith, Diane Hessan, Dharmesh Shah, among many others. But time is running out – so if you want to get involved with BREW, but especially have a chance to spend some quality time with a CEO who could share some very valuable wisdom and guidance (and potentially more), now is the time to make your request.

To request a lunch with a CEO, first check out the list here on the BREW CEO page, select your top 3 CEOs, and submit your request. The deadline is October 31st, after which time the CEOs will make their selections and schedule lunch with you. And your lunch will be just you and him/her – no interruptions.

Check out the list here, and read more about the CEO Lunch program here.

If you have any questions please let me know and I’ll do my best to help.

WGBH Innovation Hub Gadget Review – October 2013

My latest segment on Kara Miller’s Innovation Hub program on Boston Public Radio for another gadget review. This one was about household gadgets.  We discussed, and I reviewed, the Nest thermostat, the Fitbit Aria, and the Phillips Wake-up Light. It’s a short segment too, check it out…

You can also subscribe to the Innovation Hub podcast feed here on iTunes and hear my previous gadget reviews here.


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