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MacBook Air

13-inch MacBook Air model A1466. Used but very well maintained. It’s in excellent condition, clean, no scratches or nicks, and the screen is flawless. macOS Catalina has been freshly installed, ready for you to configure as your own. Comes in original box, with power cords. $340.

Specs (see photos too):
Model: MacBook Air
Processor: Intel Core i5 1.3 GHz
Storage: 128 GB SSD

Panasonic TV-P55VT50 HD 3D Plasma HD SmartTV (55”)


This is one of the finest TVs made in the last decade. Yeah yeah I know, LED, OLED, yes, they can have gorgeous pictures (emphasis on “can have”). Usually, at least in my informed opinion, they don’t. This plasma TV, sure it’s older tech, but it didn’t become obsolete because it was substandard picture quality – far from it. The picture quality on this TV is still superior for HD and Blu-ray. It doesn’t have 4K, if that’s your thing, but until 4K is ubiquitous, I was never bothered by it. Yes, it’s a SmartTV so it has all the doodads.

The TV is used but in excellent condition. The whole color gamut is gorgeous. Nice deep blacks with smooth gradients, especially when properly calibrated. The best way to describe the picture is “creamy” or “silky.” It’s just gorgeous. Put a Blu-ray DVD on, and let her rip. The 3D is great too, if you like it. I have several 3D glasses you can have too. 

I purchased the TV new in December 2012. I’ve calibrated this TV perfectly for our setting, and I highly recommend you do the same. The picture on this, once you get it dialed-in, is superb and superior. I honestly would take it overseas with me, but it’s just not practical. I will seriously miss this television. I’ve kept it well maintained, kept it clean and dust-free and it still has thousands of hours left. CNET called this TV “the pinnacle of TV picture quality.” Please go here for all the details on this TV to answer all your technical questions. If you have others, please send them my way. I will include the wall mount kit if you need one, it’s worked very well and is extendable. TV also includes the original remote control and power cord. No box, sorry, please make alternative plans. Bring furniture pads or something and for all that is beautiful in this world, please bring a large enough vehicle. 

These pictures do not do the TV justice, at all, but it’s better than nothing. Come see the TV if you want.

P.S. – the pretty dynamic lights on the back of the TV are not included, sorry.

$375. Pickup in late March only. 

HP LaserJet Pro 1606DN Printer

This is an excellent, fast laser printer. Black only, and ideal for document printing, especially fast printing. I really liked this printer. It’s had 2,876 pages through it. See config sheet below. It has USB and ethernet connectivity. More specs here on the HP website here$90.

Topping TP30 Digital Audio Converter Amplifier

Topping TP30 DAC Amplifier. More about it here. Please note that the little tiny screw for the level knob is missing so it slips out in transport but otherwise mostly stays put. A bit annoying though. Comes with USB cable and power cord. $25.

2 PS4 games

Excellent condition. $10 each.