2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio Ti Sport Q4

This car is currently leased. Anyone can buy it as long as the lease is paid-off either (a) through Swap a Lease (see below) or (b) privately with me and Chrysler Capital. The only advantage of SAL is that they’re a dealer and it may save money and avoid potential headaches with registrations and plates etc. The buyer will get a clean title either way.

$33,800 (or best offer). Click here to see the Carfax reports.

Great deal on a fully loaded 2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio AWD Ti Sport Q4 4dr Crossover, in excellent condition and with less than 12,000 miles! Click here for details via Swap a Lease. If you are interested in a private sale, please note that going through Swap a Lease (or any dealer, for that matter) will possibly be more cost effective (the dealer payoff is lower than the leaser payoff), but a private sale is possible too. You would cut a check to Chrysler Capital, payoff the lease, and the title would be immediately signed over to you. If you need a loan, I suggest you go through your own bank or work through Swap a Lease for financing.

The car is in excellent condition. Spotless interior with no signs of wear, and a flawless exterior. The wheels, tires, and mechanics are all in excellent condition. The Stelvio has only 12,000 miles on it and is an absolute blast to drive. The steering is fun and sporty, the steering wheel is comfortable and a joy on both short drives and long ones. The acceleration is at times, especially in Sports mode, blistering. The Stelvio is always getting curious second looks from other drivers, and is a real conversation starter especially among Italian and Alfa enthusiasts. More info here or e-mail Ben with questions.