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Migration from Drupal to Complete

Well, I can proudly say that in less than 24 hours, and not without frustration and a few bouts of spilled beer, I managed to get Your Suspect 100% off of Drupal and off of Network Solutions, and onto the free system. I was shocked with out few resources there were available to me, so I had to get very creative. Here’s what I did:

  1. I had to hack the Drupal system.module file to allow for more than 30 items per feed. I upped it to 999.
  2. I ran a cron job just to be safe.
  3. Saved my sites RSS feed locally, and verified that all the content was there, sans comments.
  4. Created a hosted site with a third party company. I made sure that this hosting company allowed for a) monthly plans with no contract and b) a quick and easy way of getting a hosted WordPress site going.
  5. I used the native WordPress Import feature to import a RSS 2.0 feed. It made it in without any issues, again, no comments.
  6. Then, I used the native WordPress Export feature to export all this content as a WordPress file.
  7. Here, are, I imported that file.
  8. There are still some DNS issues and remnant Feedburner matters that I’m dealing with, but for all intents and purposes, I’m off Drupal, I’m off Network Solutions, and I’m on
  9. I manually updated each blog entry’s category and tags. That sucked, but it was necessary and well worth the effort.

This is a step in the right direction for this blog, easier to manage, more integration with a much larger blogging community, and just a whole lot less frustration.

So for all your rocket scientists out there, that’s how ya do it! Unfortunately, yes, it didn’t include comments, but I can live with that, I didn’t have that many comments to begin with.

Help Me Migrate from Drupal

I’m entirely fed up with hosting my own blog. When I first started this blog I had a geek moment – I wanted to control every aspect of it and perhaps grow it into something beyond a blog. I chose Drupal, and have been hosting it on Network Solutions. Well, today, I don’t care and I’m fed up with Network Solutions, and I’m fed up with FTP, and with Drupal module installation. Since creating the CitySquares Blog I’ve realized how unnecessary all this really is. The CitySquares blog is hosted on, which I love. I don’t need much more than that. So now, I feel like I’m stuck on this solution I chose, and I feel like I can’t migrate off of it. I just want to move my content (blog entries) and comments off of Drupal and into There are lots of tips on how to migrate from the Drupal platform to the WordPress platform, but that still requires hosting it. I don’t want to host it. So if anyone has any ideas, recommendations, etc, I’m all ears. I’d also consider paying someone to help me with this kind of migration. Any recommendations or ideas?

I am now MacBen

How come no one ever told me how cool Mac’s were before now? I kid! I’m already getting “I told you so!” emails, and I’m not embarassed to say, “you were right!” After being extremely frightened about making “the switch” as they call it, I jumped in head first and did it. Thankfully I had help from Michael LeBarron, one of our web developers. He totally helped me get up speed. (thank you Michael!)

Less than 48 hours after buying my MacBook Pro I am now 100% converted and holy crap am I happy! I’m flying around the OS like I’ve been using it for years. I’m learning the nuances and I’ve customized it to my liking. I’m taking full advantage of Spaces too. I do need a couple Windows programs, specifically MS Money, Expensable, and Quickbooks and I just used Parallels to install XP, and with Parallels’ Coherence I can actually run any and all Microsoft programs within OS X as if it belonged there. They even put themselves in the dock. That’s just so brilliant!

But most importantly, I’m back to work. I’m moving around quickly, I’m not waiting for programs to open, close, files to save, etc, and I’m not fighting my computer – it plays nice, it works – it simply works. I got a ton done today. Heck, I had to do a little work in Illustrator and I was in and out in less than 4 minutes! On my Windows machine it would take 4 minutes just to open Illustrator – and that’s no exaggeration.

I can proudly say that I love Mac and I can honestly admit that this is long overdue for me. However, I will not be getting any tattoos, or face piercings, and I won’t be putting any stickers on my lid.