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Judging The Stevie Awards

Hollywoods’s awards season is upon us, from The Golden Globes and the SAG Awards to the Oscars. While these awards honor and celebrate film and television, businesses vie for a different kind of...


From Intent to Expression

Arab Spring. An intertwined Europe. A watchful eye in Asia. And, socio-political discord in America. These all are elements of a perfect storm. They are tidings of a sea-change occurring across the pl...


Italy and Croatia Pictures

Ali and I spent two weeks bouncing around northern Italy and into Croatia. It was a hell of a time to say the least. But its a good thing that we got holiday insurance so we didn’t have to worry...


This American Pendulum

The older I get the more I find myself interested in politics and economics. However, among my peers I’m one of the only ones. I wouldn’t consider myself passionate about politics and econ...


What is Mojo?

What is this thing we call mojo? Well, Wikipedia says: Mojo (pronounced /?mo?d?o?/) is a term commonly encountered in the African-American folk belief called hoodoo. A mojo is a type of magic charm, o...


Passion Renewed

Just as entrepreneurship requires unbridled enthusiasm, passion, and dare I say faith, so does a job. I know that may come as a surprise to some, because rarely do most of us wake up in the morning an...