It’s the Little Things

Amazing how such a simple thing like a handwritten thank you note from a business can mean so much. I recently opened a new bank account for Sure Shot Labs, at Cambridge Savings Bank. CSB is one of a few banks that are recommended by Move Your Money Project. I received this in the mail and thought to myself, “Self, how about that! And people say handwritten thank you letters are dead!”

My experience with Cambridge Savings Bank has been a total pleasure thus far. From my first phone call to them, an actual person answering the phone who was polite and friendly, to being greeted when I walked into the branch, and now several days later with follow-up emails about my web banking and punctuated this evening with a handwritten note.

Am I making a big deal out of nothing? I don’t think so. Am I realizing something that some of you already know about banking with a good local institution? Probably. Am I (annoyingly) asking myself questions to illustrate this point? Yes I am.

Oh, as a noteworthy aside, if you’re looking to open a marijuana dispensary in Massachusetts, Cambridge Savings Bank is probably for you. I heard some chatter about a few dispensary startups applying for accounts there. Hey, that’s cool too!