Project 365: As it Happens

If you’re following along with my Project 365, I’m including the pics below. I upload each picture every day when possible. Here’s an update on the project after my first month at it.

You can see the all photos of the project below. If you click on the pics they’ll open up in a lightbox and you can browse the gallery one at a time. These pics are all stored up on my flickr page in the Project 365 set.

I’m having a ton of fun and finding new ways of challenging myself and creating more interesting photos(I should say photos that I find interesting). Some are lame and¬†mundane¬†too, but hey, what can you take a picture of when you in bed with the flu? Don’t answer that.

[flickr-gallery mode=”photoset” photoset=”72157623117114636″ flickr size=”medium”]

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