Who I Am

I was speaking with a friend last night about existentialism. I had quite a bit of whiskey in me so I admittedly had a problem pronouncing existentialism. Ironic timing though, because I’d just started the first piece of a large installation I’m working on. I’ve crafted a draft of the idea, and there’s a lot of work ahead. I think it’ll take a few months to get it done and done right, maybe longer. Anyhow, I figured I’d start putting the home-grown pieces of it up here on my blog. It’ll be a variety of media, so it seems. Here’s the first one, an audio file created this weekend on my Zoom H4n, it’s stereo mics plus a Shure SM-58. I edited it with Ableton Live. It’s not much at all, but it’s just one small puzzle piece in a large puzzle.