Check out CitySquares on Merchant Circle!

Today CitySquares got a voicemail from Merchant Circle.It’s not the first time either. Usually I just roll my eyes, shout something out to whoever is nearby for a laugh, and I move on. In fact, just about anything Merchant Circle does gets a similar reaction from me: roll of the eyes, wise-ass remark, laughter, move on. Always in that order too. For those of you who may not understand my response – it’s because CitySquares, my company, and Merchant Circle are direct competitors.

Today, though, I am in rare form. I think it’s all the cold and flu medicine I’m doped up on. The voicemail came through as a wav file, as they all do, and I decided to play it over the speakers in the office for everyone to hear. We all laughed. But I wasn’t done.

So I decided take full advantage of this opportunity today. They called me, for the third time, and this time I responded. I went to their site, I claimed my listing, and voila now has a profile in Merchant Circle’s directory. Actually, it seems we’ve had a profile there for some time, I just had to claim it. The address they had for us was three years old and it was a little tricky figuring out how to change it, but we figured it out.

Ya know I gotta say too, I was very impressed with the process! The obnoxious, spammy phone calls aside, claiming my profile and spicing it up was actually a very painless and enjoyable experience. In fact, we really should emulate some of it. But that’s all we’ll emulate, that’s for sure.

Anyone wanna place bets on how long it takes for them to take this down?