sweet sounds from crystal castles

crystal-castlesi came across these guys tonight watching a broadcast of the 2008 glastonbury festival when from behind my laptop screen something caught my attention, mostly it was what i heard – something very unusual but really intriguing. the screen showed a skinny girl who for a moment i thought was lilly allan but it turned out to be someone much more talented (no offense ms. allan). the performance was absolutely fantastic and i quickly went to amazon to download their mp3 album. i’m already a fan.

unfortunately i cant find a video of their performance at the festival, but there are others. anyway check them out, the song i particularly enjoyed is alice practice.

check them out on their myspace page too where you can check out more tunesness.

after listening to their album a bit i have found myself as intrigued as i am maybe a little annoyed too though. the sounds are fresh, they’re sweat, but the percussions are weak and the vocals tucked behind vaguelly familiar video game beeps and bloops can get a little tiresome. so it remains to be seen whether crystal castle is a one trick pony.

i hope that these young, talented musicians don’t end up as a flash in the pan. they have potential, but perhaps they need to grow up a little? they are perfectly lined up for the disappearing act we see all too often from talented musicians who are forced to create. that goes wrong all too often.