I am now MacBen

How come no one ever told me how cool Mac’s were before now? I kid! I’m already getting “I told you so!” emails, and I’m not embarassed to say, “you were right!” After being extremely frightened about making “the switch” as they call it, I jumped in head first and did it. Thankfully I had help from Michael LeBarron, one of our web developers. He totally helped me get up speed. (thank you Michael!)

Less than 48 hours after buying my MacBook Pro I am now 100% converted and holy crap am I happy! I’m flying around the OS like I’ve been using it for years. I’m learning the nuances and I’ve customized it to my liking. I’m taking full advantage of Spaces too. I do need a couple Windows programs, specifically MS Money, Expensable, and Quickbooks and I just used Parallels to install XP, and with Parallels’ Coherence I can actually run any and all Microsoft programs within OS X as if it belonged there. They even put themselves in the dock. That’s just so brilliant!

But most importantly, I’m back to work. I’m moving around quickly, I’m not waiting for programs to open, close, files to save, etc, and I’m not fighting my computer – it plays nice, it works – it simply works. I got a ton done today. Heck, I had to do a little work in Illustrator and I was in and out in less than 4 minutes! On my Windows machine it would take 4 minutes just to open Illustrator – and that’s no exaggeration.

I can proudly say that I love Mac and I can honestly admit that this is long overdue for me. However, I will not be getting any tattoos, or face piercings, and I won’t be putting any stickers on my lid.