My Spouse, My Partner

On this Valentine’s Day I want to acknowledge my wife, Ali. And of course, as this blog is all about entrepreneurship and business, I have to put that sort of spin on this entry. To put it plainly, Ali is not just my wife, she is my business partner. I don’t make a step in my business without at the very least discussing it with her first. And Interestingly enough there were a couple articles in the WSJ this week about this very topic! One was about Michelle Obama and her role in Barak’s run for the White House. I was struck by how much of an influence she has over him and over his campaign and I could entirely relate to it. The article gave so much insight into their personal relationship as well as their professional relationship. I’m an Obama supporter and this only reinforced my support for him. Afterall, we’re electing a couple to the White House, not just a man or woman. The other article was about business executives asking (or not asking) their spouses for guidance and support. This article also struck me as appropriate and I could totally relate.

Ali and I met in 1999. At the time I was self employed as a consultant. She was employed at a recruiting firm. Since that time, we’ve both taken many steps to advance our careers and each step has been taken together. I’ve never taken a career step without her support. When I started my first business, it was with her support and with her contributions. When I made business decisions, no matter how risky, for better or for worse, it was with her support. We discussed all of them and her perspective has been a guiding light more than once. When I start CitySquares – we started CitySquares. We’re in this together. When we went broke doing it, we went broke. When CitySquares got buy-in from friends, family, investors – we got buy-in. Ali is very much a part of this business, like a silent partner. I could not and would not be doing this if Ali wasn’t by my side every step of the way.

Sometimes I wonder if marriage has something to do with success. Some research says marriage has a lot to do with the professional growth and financial success. I can personally attest to that. For Ali and I, as it pertains anything, it’s about communication. Everything in our professional lives is discussed at home. When tough decisions are made at work, when career changes are being considered, when we’re feeling tired, helpless, stressed, or excited, successful, prosperous – it’s shared, it’s mutual.

We are in this together, in sickness and in health, and in entrepreneurship!