Giant Killers, by Larry Sullivan

I got myself into this, and now it’s time to pay the pot. A bet is a bet! Larry and I placed a friendly wager on Superbowl XLII. Larry won. I lost. Hear me? The Patriots lost and therefore I lost. (Damnit) So anyway, below is Larry’s post on my blog.


I need to thank Ben for this little piece of real estate.

Super Bowl XLII was one of the most incredible games I have seen in my life. It was a great Super Bowl, not just because my team won, but because it was a close exciting game. Yes blow outs are nice and definitely necessary some times (depending on your perspective) but close one always keep you glued to your sit. My thoat is still sore from yelling at the TV.

I want to congratulate the Patriots on a great season. They are a very talented team and I know this is a very disappointing lose, trust me I have been there.

The thing that I love about the New York Giants being Super Bowl XLII champions is that no one ever dreamed it to be possible. No one, I mean no one, gave them a snowball chance in hell to win anything and look what they did. Look what they did. It is incredible.

Since Ben and I are both involved with local search, we know that many times the small business owners can have a defeatist attitude…

“I can’t compete with the big guys..”
“I can’t afford that…”
“We are out of our league..”

If Eli and company had come in with that attitude, they would not have paraded down Broadway the otehr day? Plaxico predicted a win, Tom laughed. Yes small business do get laughed at and many times do not get the respect they deserve but local small business can survive and thrive online.

We want to encourage the local business owner to get online and be active. Get your business listed in CitySquares. Have a local search marketer review over your website and help you set up a realistic online marketing plan. Just don’t sit on the sidelines while your competition is in the game.

Local search marketing is growing daily and the opportunities for local small business to promote themselves online and increase their visibility are also growing, so take advantage of them. After a little while of promoting online, you might be just as surprised, as we Giants fans are of the 2007-8 season.

Larry Sullivan


Thank you Larry. Maybe we’ll do this again come baseball season. Met’s are looking formidable this year already…