An actual use for Twitter?

I’ve been using twitter for a good many moons now but as time went on my use of it devolved into auto-postings about my blog entries, occasional rants about this and that, occasional baseball fever inspired entries, and yes, I admit, the rare drunken banter. Then again, is that devolving my use of twitter or is that evolving my use of twitter?

Over the same period of time I found myself disabling my phone notifications for some people I follow, mostly because I grew very annoyed with their random twits about who they’re having lunch with, where they’re getting drunk at, or whatever other random bullshit I don’t care about that they decide to twit about – you know, things that I also twit about. Some of these people think twitter is just revolutionary. Uh huh – and subway car graffiti is revolutionary too, and so are writings on a bathroom wall, and so is my Facebook status. Get outta here! Are the Gen X and Gen Y and Millennial generations really this self-important?

Anyway, I’ve all but declared myself a quitter of twitter and some of my twits have hinted at my growing boredom. But yesterday I was reading the paper and I saw that we were going to get hammered with snow today. I immediately thought of several things that would be impacted by the snow:

  1. Shit, I have to shovel and potentially use the plow. I also get partly excited by these thoughts because I like doing things that don’t require me to sit at this computer and the prospect of my heart rate going somewhere above ‘caffeinated’ status.
  2. Shit, Bob has an interview with a candidate for an open position. This is an important position. Does Bob know about the snow? He commutes in from Saskatchewan so someone better send a messenger.
  3. Shit, many of CitySquares’ staff come in from outside the city. Do they know? Do they think they’re required to go in?
  4. Shit, I have our marketing intern starting today. Am I going in to get her up to speed?

As it stands right now, it’s 9:12 and I’m at my kitchen table – not at my office desk in the South End.

So, what better use for twitter than a company broadcast system? Have the staff sign up for twitter and follow the citysquares account I set up. But I made it private so that I can control who gets access and who doesn’t. It’s a perfect solution for alerting the staff of important company updates.

I’ve had other ideas about twitter, like letting users follow customers. Then, customers can notify their followers of random specials, sales, events, whatever. Think of it as a newsletter for mobile devices. However, based on T-Mobile’s recent issues with twitter (or is it the other way around?) I’ve questioned making such a feature available to users and to customers, when there’s so much dependency on third parties and so little internal controls.

Anyway, that’s my word.