My Definition of Entrepreneurship

Ali and I are moving to a new home in a few days, so naturally our current place a mess. Boxes everywhere, dust bunnies skating across the hardwood floors, the smell of packing tape is in the air, and the sound of tape guns can be heard from one room to the next.

I was packing up a room this morning, and I came across an old boombox. I noticed there was a CD in it. It happened to be Neil Young’s Harvest Moon, a slow, acoustic, melancholy album. Among the songs that came on was “One of These Days.” It really took me back – I mean way back. The last time I heard this song was probably in the mid 90s, on a snowy day just like today, with an old friend. A friend I miss dearly. There are many friends who I miss dearly. It’s ironic that the last time I heard it was with an old friend who I miss dearly. Among the lyrics of the song:

“One of these days, I’m gonna sit down and write a long letter, to all the good friends I’ve known…

I never tried to burn any bridges. Though I know I let some good things go…

From down in L.A., all the way to Nashville,
From New York City, to my Canadian prairie home,
All my friends are scattered like leaves from an old maple.
Some are weak, some are strong.

One of these days, I’m gonna sit down and write a long letter to all the good friends I’ve known, and it won’t be long.

Songs mean a lot of things to each of us, and to many there is nothing more powerful than a heartfelt song. Today I had one of those moments.I was reminded of so much – so much that I’ve tried to forget, so much that I’ve tried to move on from. And for the most part I have, but much of it’s still with me, mostly good stuff. I guess as life goes on, so much sticks to you, other things don’t. And we don’t get to pick and choose. All we can do is make decisions about right now. Those decisions influence those we’ll be faced with tomorrow.

I guess what inspired me to sit down and write this in the middle of packing is that it really reminded of what I’m working so hard for. I’m working for a better life – for myself, for my wife, for a family that I’ll build. I’m working to make sure that I’m the best person I can be. To live right. I didn’t set out to be an entrepreneur. I didn’t get a degree in business. It’s not intentional, this entrepreneurial thing. And It’s not about the money, it’s not about having a notch on my belt, it’s not about being an entrepreneur, or being connected to wealthy and powerful people, or an ego. It’s about building the best life I know how to build.

I’m glad I put that CD on today, I’m glad the song came on, I’m glad I remembered.

(Sorry for the cheesiness.)