TechCrunch Boston: What I missed

Bob and I went to the TechCrunch Boston Meetup Friday night. We got there at about 6:15 and the place was already filling in nicely. We bumped around upstairs, helped ourselves to a couple drinks, ran into some folks from around the way, checked out some demos, hung out with some new local entrepreneurs and ultimately had a nice time. My friend Don Dodge was there and he introduced us to Mike Arrington who, much to my surprise, was a lot more fun-going than I imagined he’d be. However, we had to leave. Friday was my birthday and I had my wife and some friends waiting in Copley Sq for me, so they could mess me up. So Bob and I left and went about our business of getting messed up. I regretted having to leave and I expressed it to Bob as we were walking about. But c’est la vie.

Then, this morning, Don emailed me his blog post about the rest of the night and I see what I actually missed. Too much to bear. But, it was my birthday so I do have a good excuse for leaving! I would have loved to chatted with Doc Searls, for starters – that’s just for starters. I guess you know you’re a real web geek when missing the chance to gab with Doc Searls is one of the bigger disappointments.

Anyway, Bob and I had a nice time. I said to Mike Arrington, “Ya know Mike, it’s about time you brought TechCrunch to Boston, man.” He looked at me with this expression of shock and amazement and said , “I know I can’t believe this! What a great town! We’ll definitely be back!” He emphasized “definitately.” I’m very much looking forward to the next event.

TechCrunch Boston