Mossberg Likes Leopard, But I’m a Windows Guy, I think.

So Mossberg digs Leopard, and the review is pretty cool. I gotta tell you, I have an IBM ThinkPad (OK, Lenovo ThinkPad), and it came with Vista preinstalled. For the most part, Vista is OK. No real complaints, but nothing to really rave about either. I also have Office 2007, which I really love. But lately I’ve been becoming more and more intrigued by OS X, and frustrated with Windows. I’m tired of long startups, long shutdowns, long hibernations. I’m tired of freeze ups, driver problems, security alerts. I’m tired of sluggish Windows program switching, and resource allocation. Then I see Mossberg’s review in the WSJ today, and I see his video on the site, man I get so angry. OS X is so freaking elegant. I want it! But the reality for me is, it’s quite a major conversion, and I am not convinced that OS X is a business OS. It’s a great consumer OS and experience, but for an enterprise? I don’t think so. Well, maybe some day Microsoft will release a version of Windows that has the elegance and simplicity, and efficiency, that Mac OS X has. That will probably take them 5 years. Or, maybe another Linus Torvalds will appear on the scene and disrupt the whole Operating System world with something even better, and compatible for all things, hardware and software. I’m really reaching though aren’t I.