The New is Live!

It's 10:32 pm, the Red Sox are crushing the Indians in ALCS game 6. I am at the office. With me is Bob, Justin, Clay, Chris, and Keith. We're all cranking. Everyone is on little sleep, one of us even slept here last night. That's in addition to the two all-nighters Justin and Clay pulled over the past week.

All that being said, the final modifications are being made to the servers, and the DNS cut-over is about to happen. Long story short, the new site is just minutes from going live!

It's been a very exciting few weeks. Some real highs, and some real lows. All things considered, we're in great shape and I am extremely proud of my team. The new site looks great, it works great, and it's just the beginning. I'm so excited to have finally in a state that has nothing but potential in front of itself. For two years we've never had the options in front of us, and now we do.

There are still many bugs to work out, most will be undetectable to users and businesses, and that's just dandy.

Well, we're at the finish line. We're gonna pop the cork on a bottle of brut in a few minutes and probably hit a pub and watch the sox win game 6.