Testers Needed

At the risk of sounding hasty and secretive, I need to keep this brief, but I promise more info will come shortly…

CitySquares is seeking testers. We’re about 1 month from launching the new and greatly improved It’s a huge upgrade, and a vastly improved experience for people (they’re not “users”!) and for businesses. While the new site will be ready to be previewed on an invitation basis in about 2 weeks, we’re going to need some testers. This is a great opportunity for teenagers, after school, and for college students looking for an extra buck.

We’re not totally clear on how this will work, but we envision something like this:

  • Testers must have their own laptops.
  • Testers come to CitySquares’ office in the South End of Boston during specific hours, each day for a few days in early October.
  • Citysquares will pay testers.
  • Some testers may be able to work from outside the office.

Again, there’s more info to come on the new site, and also on the testing schedule and those details. But if you are interested, please email us at