Reset the Mojo

It’s been a while since Ali and I went on a real vacation. I don’t mean a trip to the Carolinas to see the in-laws, or the occasional trip to one of the New England states for a wedding. Those really aren’t vacations. Neither is going to New York or Florida to see the family.

We just returned last night from a vacation – one of those real vacations like the kind the soul needs often but if often starved of. During our vacation I got exactly what I expected from it, mostly because I’ve been going to Moosehead since I was barely able to walk. But now that I’m in my early 30s, times change, and time has a way of changing us. It seems it takes a lot longer for me to deflate. It wasn’t until about Tuesday that I felt truly relaxed and disconnected from society, from technology, from professional Ben, and back in tune with a much greater reality. Of course, being surrounded by a thriving ecosystem doesn’t hurt. I mean, we were spending most of our days on a glacier lake brimming with life. We spotted bald eagles, deer, hawks, loons, turtles, herons, amazing insects and monarch butterflies, gophers, muscrats, and of course fish like small and large mouth bass, northern pike, perch, sunfish, etc etc.

Anyway, before I unleash the Henry David Thoreau inside me, I’ll move this forward by adding that I was fully expecting to come back from this vacation like I have in the past – not only relaxed, renewed, and refreshed, but also inspired with new creative ideas and innovations. That’s how the last two were. I came back with some pretty clever ideas that ended up making a positive impact on business and on my professional self. This time though, I don’t have any clever ideas or innovations. Instead, I feel like I just hit the reset button in my brain. Like I was rebooted. I feel totally back in the groove…

Back a few months ago when Citysquares raised our money, I think I sort of lost the groove – lost my mojo. I was kind of going through the motions, acting it out and waiting to maybe snap back into the groove – to rediscover my mojo. When I left for vacation I felt confused, almost lost like I didn’t deserve it. Yet now, upon returning, I feel a total sense of purpose again, I’m totally inspired. I am totally excited and eager to go in to the office tomorrow morning.

So while I may not be inspired with some new twist to our business model, or some innovative new method for selling our product, or for generating traffic, I have something more important and more valuable – I have my mojo back and I’m ready to get back into the groove and do what I do best – execute, get the job done, make things happen.