CitySquares: Looking for Partners!

There’s been so much excitement at CitySquares for the past few months, and the dust is finally starting to settle. Well, that’s true for me only. Now that Bob has chosen to go the Drupal route, and has hired our new engineer Justin Leider, we’re on our way towards building and launching the new and improved, and the CitySquares Platform. We’re looking for an early autumn launch of the new and perhaps a couple months later we’re looking at being able to start testing some CitySquares Platform opportunities. Let me break it down a little bit for ya though…

One of the biggest challenges of this hyperlocal thing is scaling it out. How do you do that? How do you bring a hyperlocal user experience to the public at large? How do you bring the benefits of a hyperlocal solution to small businesses in those communities? One could certainly envision going about it the way we are right now, with a direct model, which includes a local sales force, local marketing, local relationships, and the cash for all those things. I’ve always aid that Citysquares is about analog relationships and digital delivery. But as nice as that sounds, it might not be the most effective and efficient way to do it on a grand scale (e.g., NYC, Chicago, San Francisco). Today we’re working on getting that recipe right, here in Boston, before looking at additional markets.

Another concept is to find partners in those new markets. Let’s call them Community Partners. Some examples of Community Partners might be local municipalities (e.g., City of Springfield) or even local Chambers of Commerce (e.g., Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce), or even media partners like local newspapers or TV stations (e.g., WCVB, Springfield Gazette). There might even be local community organizations who have a specific and socially responsible message (e.g, Springfield Local Business Alliance). The CitySquares platform could be licensed by those partners and ultimately tailored to suit their needs. Perhaps one partner wants news content, or classifieds, but another doesn’t. Well, OK! Those are effectively going to be modules that can be applied to the platform. The core application is what we’re building right now.

So anyway, we’re looking for those kinds of partners. Are you one of those partners? Are you willing to pilot this in your community? If you are any of the following, and looking to bring your real-world community online, and looking to bring your online community to the people, please contact me (bsaren AT

  • Local government or municipality.
  • A local newspaper, radio or TV station.
  • Community organization; non profits? socially responsible?
  • A local community champion – are you that connector in your community?

We’d also love to hear from you if you are a potential…

  • Content partner
  • Media Partner
  • Sales partner

I’d be happy to tell you much more about our plans for and for the (currently named) CitySquares Platform. There is some very cool stuff on the way – stuff you’ve never seen before. Please contact me for more info! (bsaren AT