I’m Leaving MySpace

After about two years or so in MySpace, I’ve decided to quit.

When I first started using MySpace I was totally reluctant. At that time my coworkers were using it heavily, and a couple of my friends and family were also active in it, but I joined, reluctantly, to be a part of the party. I had been

in MySpace prior to totally committing and I found it, frankly, just plain boring. I just didn’t get-it. Then again, I wasn’t a teenager either. I found the technology just and UI to be insulting to me and to society at large, and the users were more annoying to me then a bunch of drunk teenagers at a suburban mall. Every time I saw one of my friends or colleagues huddled over his/her keyboard, pecking away inside MySpace, I thought less of them – no really, I did. I love my friends and my family, but MySpace always seemed to pathetic to me, and so did it’s most active users. A couple of my friends blog in their MySpace profiles and talk about what they ate, who they dated last night, how sad or happy they are. Gimme a break!

Look, I’m really not passing judgment on anyone who uses MySpace, especially my friends and family. I’m not! It just isn’t for me. Never was.

Recently I’ve been getting more and more spam to my gmail account, from supposed MySpace users who “want to be my friend.” It’s totally out of hand. Every time I login to MySpace (once a month) to delete the Friend Invitations, it seems to trigger a flood of spam. Literally within 2 minutes of logging into my MySpace account (which in and of itself is sometimes impossible to do) I am flooded with spam from users like “Nikita” or “Samantha” or “Abigail” who “want to be my friend.”

Back about 2 years ago when Facebook was starting to make more of a name for itself, and some where poo-pooing it for any number of reasons, I wasn’t able to join, because I never had a .edu account. I actually held a grudge against Facebook because of that, until a couple of weeks ago when, after reading all the hype, I decided to see what it was all about. And let me tell you – it’s the total opposite of MySpace. It’s organized, it respects privacy, but it’s also open and free like a social network should be. It’s respects “community” by respecting the community.

I’ve recently heard and read some interesting research about the difference between MySpace users and Facebook users. Some research indicates that MySpace users are a) inevitably teenagers and 20-somethings (who will inevitably grow bored with it) but also b) “lower wage earners.” I don’t know about all that. Personally, I just think MySpace is for social butterflies who are much more open about their personal communities and networks, than, say myself. I tend tend to guard my community from those who may either take something from it, or contribute something undesirable to it. That community tends to be, first, my professional network, and secondly, my social network. MySpace does nothing for either of those real-world communities.

LinkedIn is sort of a hybrid of my professional network and my social network, with the ratio being 85% professional and 15% social.

  • The social element to my LinkedIn activity is typically my effort to help a friend get more involved in my professional network, for their own benefit.
  • The professional element to my (now) Facebook activity is the opposite – it’s an effort to get my professional network more involved in my social life, and it’s network.

MySpace never served either of those purposes. I will not miss it. Not one bit.


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