A Good Month, a Good Quarter

Being that it’s June 29th, the last business day of the month, and the last business day of the 2007 Q2, I must take a moment to reflect on the excitement that I’ve felt today, and through the past 3 months.

Three months ago today, it was the last business day of March, also a Friday. Looking at my Outlook calendar I had one meeting scheduled – a telephone demo with Iotum (Talk-Now). Ali’s graduation party was the next day. The deal with eCoast hadn’t closed yet, but it was imminent and the announcements were all but formal. We were still working out my basement, 2/3 of us were anyway. And we didn’t have any real solid prospects on a sales manager.

Well, I’ll spare you from the minutiae of the rest of the days thereafter, and most of the updates are here on this blog. In a nutshell though, our new Manager of Biz Dev, Phillip Dias, joined the team, and soon after he hired Zac Champa to work with him. Both of these guys are just rock stars, I’m very pleased with the quality work they do, the energy they bring, their attitudes and their cultural contributions.

Chris has some awesome community activities planned, some great campaigns incubating, and he continues to contribute to sales.

Bob is starting to heat things up with respects to product development, hiring an engineer, and getting a new site/platform built in time for the holidays (knock on wood).

We also have an office now and aside from some acoustical concerns, we’ve settled in and are quite happy. We’ve even made some new friends, like Mike Freedman and Paul McBride. We have some great new customers, some early partner oppty’s, and a big outlook with many challenges and many promises on the horizon.

Today was a big day, in more ways than one. We made our numbers for June, we had some breakthroughs, we formed a tighter bond with some customers, we also formed a tighter bond with each other. We had dinner and drinks at Redbones tonight too. Zac thanked everyone for making Citysquares the best job he’s had in a long time, Phillip, Bob and Chris shared their sentiments, as did I.

Today was a very good day, in more ways than one. And looking back to 90 days ago, we’ve really made some big progress.

Undoubtedly the good-times can’t last. That’s not how life works, that’s not how business works. There will be hard times and tough days, tough months, even tough quarters. July will not be a picnic. It will be a tough month and August will be harder. No picnics here at Citysquares.

But today, June 30, 2007, is a good day that we’re enjoying. These days make the others much more tolerable.