Web 3.0, at Red Herring East

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originally uploaded by Benee.

Talking about “web 3.0” at Red Herring East today. That’s a tough topic. Good panel:

Moderator: Joel Dreyfuss, Editor-in-Chief, Red Herring
Michael Jones, Co-Founder and CEO, Userplane
Sim Simeonov, Technology Partner, Polaris Venture Partners
Carol McGarry, Executive Vice President and Creative Director, Schwartz Communications
Marc Davis, Social Media Guru, Yahoo

Unfortunately it never really seemed to go beyond identifying and defining what Web 2.0 is. I just don’t think we’ve seen enough of Web 2.0 to clearly say what it is, we’re still in the Web 2.0 tween years, in my opinion. IMHO, Web 3.0 will have much much more to do with a) mobile and b) virtual.

I liked listening to Marc – he’s vocal, and he’s bold.