Moosehead Lodge

I’m going to take a detour from my normal blog topics and talk briefly about a vacation spot. It’s called Moosehead Lodge and it’s in Messines, Quebec. Yes, that’s Canada. It’s about five hours north of Montreal. I’ve been going to Moosehead Lodge since I was two years old – it’s my heaven on Earth.

Moosehead Lodge is on Big Cedar Lake, half of which is an Indian reservation. The summer days are sizzling hot, the evenings are very cool. If you enjoy fresh water fishing, this is the place for you, just make sure you got the best spinning reel (check one at 4 lb smallmouth bass are regular catches. The allure of the northern pike is nowhere more alive than in Big Cedar Lake. And the lake trout are plentiful.

If you’ve never experienced the haunting calls of a loon echoing over a still and silent lake in the dusk hours of a Canadian summer night, you’re missing out on an almost spiritual experience. The sun sets at 10pm. The wildlife surrounds you, protected by a wall of trees. The Milky Way is nowhere more visible. The sunsets over the hills surrounding the lake can make an old man cry.

Moosehead Lodge was run for over 30 years by Malcolm Taggart. Mal was one of my best friends. Mal passed away a couple years ago unexpectedly. He had a heart attack while hauling wood with is truck. He died doing what he loved. Malcolm was 69. Malcolm’s wife Corinne, a Hawaiian and a wonderful person, now runs Moosehead Lodge by herself.

If you have any interest in any of the following, send Corinne an email.

  1. You’re so far away from a cell tower that turning on your cell phone yields nothing but laughter from those around you.
  2. Waking up and having a big breakfast in the lodge.
  3. Heading out onto the lake where you’re pretty much the only boat on the water.
  4. Driving your boat along the shoreline and spotting a family of deer, or even a bear, in the water.
  5. Catching a big fish, and having the honor of letting it go.
  6. Sitting on the porch of the lodge sipping a beer, reading a book while taking moments to just look at the lake while the summer breezes envelope you.
  7. Reconnecting with your spouse, your children, your siblings, in a totally serene atmosphere.
  8. Remembering what it’s all about.