Priority #1: Sales

After about 4 weeks of interviewing candidates for our business development manager position we settled on our final candidate and made him an offer this weekend. Interestingly enough, as I had hoped, we found our new rainmaker by tapping resources – free ones. We didn’t find him through recruiting firms or from Craigslist. We knew what we were looking for in this person and we sought it out, very aggressively. I didn’t sit back and wait for the resumes to come in. It doesn’t work like that.

I’m sorry but I’m going to keep saying “he” and “him” until he officially starts; Ya just never know.

So he has all the characteristics we were looking for:

  1. Experience: Strong inside and outside sales experience. Bonus: Extremely good market experience.
  2. Guts: He’s willing to jump in and ready for the next step in his career. He wasn’t even on the market when I first contacted him. As my father always said, “the best jobs are the unadvertised ones.” True that.
  3. Drive: He really wants more. He’s got a hunger and a passion, for life and for success, and prosperity. He probably hasn’t quite harnessed those qualities yet because, professionally, he hasn’t had the opportunity. Now he does.
  4. Cultural fit: He’s about our age, he knows the space, he understands the Internet and how it fits into peoples’ lives, he totally gets the market too. Equally importantly is that I don’t see a reflection of ourselves when I look at him. It’s time to freshen things up a bit – bring in some new blood, with some different interests, different opinions. He’s going to fit in really well I think.

So for the past few hours I’ve been on my laptop doing a massive brain-dump of all the things I’ve ever envisioned for a CitySquares sales organization. I’ve documented everything from compensation and incentive plans, to processes and market data. It’s the new and improved CitySquares sales organization.

If it ain’t about sales – it’s a distraction. It’s a fire and it must burn. We’ve got a lot to do over the next few months, but sales is the top priority, and the second priority, and the third priority.