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So Bob showed me this thing yesterday called Naymz. It’s pretty neat. It’s effectively Google Adwords for your own identity, yourself. For example, do a Google search for “Ben Saren” and you’ll see, on the right side of the results page where Adwords typically display, a link to “Ben Saren” on My Naymz profile is basically a bunch of general info, like a brief bio, links to my blog, to Citysquares, my Flickr profile, etc etc. Nothing terribly exciting, but it’s pretty clever. Why doesn’t LinkedIn do something like this for professionals who want to be found?

From a business perspective I can’t pretend to totally understand their business model, and frankly I’m in a rush to help Ali tidy up the house for guests, so I can’t sit here and pontificate. But it’s pretty neat. A little narcissistic too I suppose.

Anyway, check it out. It’s free, too.

Naymz Profile for Ben Saren

2007-04-21, 1:46pm: So I just got an email from Naymz stating that someone visited my profile and I could see who, but for a fee. Yeah, I don’t think so. Thanks though!