Raving about Publick House

Last night Ali and I went to Brookline’s Publick House for the first time. It’s in Washington Square. It’s about 12 hours later, 11am on Saturday, and I’m still thinking about it. No really.

My father-in-law, Tom, has been teaching me about Belgian beers lately, and he’s been brewing some at his home in NC. We went to a Belgian beer festival a few months ago. So I’m fortunate to know a thing or two about it now.

Publick House has a sort of monk monestary feel to it (very appropriate considering some of the best Belgian beers came out of monestaries in, I think, the middle ages). We grabbed a seat at the bar, the one in the left side of the place, and just sampled some amazing biers. My latest favorite is called Delirium Tremens, a Belgian blond beer. It’s a little obscure, but you can find it if you seek it out. Anyway, I’ve only had it in bottled form. The Publick House had it on tap. ON TAP! I was very pleased. And boy was it good. We’d just had dinner at The Fireplace, and I was stuffed. So I only had room for one more beer, and wanted a trippel. I had a selection but the bartender said they were out of it and recommended the St. Bernardus trippel. That was perhaps the best trippel I’ve ever had. Drier than the usual trippel, and less fruity which I was happy with.

The atmosphere at Publick House is great. Modest crowd, late 20s/early 30s. A good mix, good mood.

Anyway, I just had to share my experience.