Please vote for “The People, Yes”

Some time ago my friend Sean Coon moved from the NY area down to North Carolina. Since his move he’s become very involved in the Greensboro community. His passionate community involvement plus his technical prowess has resulted in a new project called, “The People, Yes” which you can learn more about on his blog or at The People, Yes. Sean and I are hoping to collaborate on a number of levels. An excerpt from The People, Yes follows:

The People, Yes will represent itself in Greensboro, NC through a collaborative blog and a physical presence in the community.

Our short-term mission:

To reach out to our neighbors on the other side of the digital divide and provide the necessary training and logistics for enabling a new online community of voices via blogging, podcasting, vlogging, etc. We plan on directly engaging with the homeless community and folk living at or below the poverty line, but will work with any Greensboro resident who would like to publish their point of view.

Our longer-term mission:

Once the collaborative blog platform gets legs, we plan on creating meshed communities of local resident’s topical interests, while focusing on engaging both individuals and local businesses to sponsor individual media creators. A large percentage of sponsorship revenue would be funneled back to the content creators themselves, with the remainder going back into programs that support the local homeless community.

For more information, feedback or suggestions, please contact me, Sean Coon. Also, track “thepeopleyes” tag on my blog.

Sean has entered The People, Yes into NetSquared’s Technology Innovation Fund competition. Please check out The People, Yes and definitely take a moment to vote for Sean’s project.