User Experience

So my father sent this to me today, it’s a funny little bit about a book – the introduction of the book actually, and how it compares to the user experience of, well, the old reliable scroll. It’s very funny, and very well done. But what it really makes me think of, in the context that I live in every day, is website user experience.

It seems to me that with this web 2.0 transition that we’re all going through and adapting to, some developers and designers are trying to reinvent user experience. isn’t the perfect example of a flawless user experience, but over the last year I’ve heard many more compliments and praise than negative. And over the past many months in my daily blog reading and in meeting with many other local startups, user experience is a big issue that many engineers struggle with. And let’s face it, most innovative web 2.0 startups are built by engineers. That’s a problem. Engineers are focused much more on function than form. That’s their nature. That’s not a bad thing, not at all. But without an intuitive user experience, startups are only creating more challenges and hurdles for themselves. A recent startup that I met with comes to mind. I won’t single them out, but they’ve got a moderately clever idea and have already gone to market. But their user experience leaves much to be desired. It was a big problem even for me – I like to think that I can adapt easier than say, my mother (who’s a great test case). If I can’t figure it out, my mother will only get frustrated and say “to heck with this!”

My partner and good friend Bob Leland is going to be launching his blog soon. And I can’t stress just how excited I am to see him join the blogosphere. Bob is a very very talented UI and UX guy. That’s his specialty and that is what his blog will be focused on. Again, although is not the best example of his abilities or our vision (it’s a result of the limitations of our platform, for now anyway), Bob has done amazing work with the site and it’s only going to get better.

So without further delay, here is the video. Enjoy!

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