Brightcove Player Test

So now I've created and customized a Brightcove syndication account and all the nuances of the service. I have to say, I'm very impressed so far. I'm totally aware that it's in beta stage, so it makes the bugs a little more acceptable. Funny how a word like “beta” keeps my blood pressure in check. Their publispod application is slower than molasses. I consider myself to be a pro-am video guy. I've got Sony Vegas and I like to make home and family movies and get all fancy and slick. Publishpod is a client-side application that I must use with Brightcove to add videos to my player. And it took well over 2 hours for me to publish 2 videos. Granted, one of them was a 1+ GB AVI file, but that one actually seemed to take less time than a 24 MB wmv file. Anywhere. Here comes a test of their player in a pop up window. (I just tried the iframe version and it worked in a blog post preview, but it stretched my window much wider than I like. So Im doing a pop-up.) Hope it works! Here goes it! Click the link below. And please add a comment if you have any difficulties: Video Player