Brightcove Campaign Test – Add your own video now!

So another feature with Brightcove is that we can open up our syndication account to allow users to add their own videos, and we have the ability to approve or deny the videos. Naturally Citysquares wouldn't want just any random Joe Blow adding a video of himself flexing in front of a mirror for prospective young ladies, right? We want to make this a bit more niche, for our communities. So if you go to Redbones in Davis Square for a birthday party and you end up video recording some part of the experience with your cell phone, you should be able to upload that to the Citysquares Video channel. That's the early concept anyway. So knock yourself out, add a video – I don't care what it is, just keep it Rated G.

Click this link, and please report your experience back to me.
User Generated Videos

Update at 12:06pm on Feb 15, 07: Well, I am very impressed. I was able to easily add a user generated video using the above URL. Then I was able to add that video to a new custom lineup within the player. So when you go to the player now, you see two tabs at the top, a Citysquares lineup, and a UG lineup. I see much potential!