MySpace is for Losers

I've always had a strong opinion about Myspace. Just about anyone who knows me will tell you that I find myspace more annoying and just crap than anything else. However, I will also readily admit that I'm totally fascinated by Myspace – intrigued – like it's some massive social experiment that we'll look back on 20 years from now. Heck, 5 years. One thing about myspace that makes me absolutely nuts is just how broken their site always seems. I am constantly having problems! It's always broken in one way or another. The latest? I can't login. Simply cannot, for the life of me, login and I can't even retrieve my password. Yet, I keep trying. I find myself once or twice a day trying again, like Pavlov's dog. BZZZZ! "You must be logged in to do that." I know that's what I'm trying to do. Ok, let me try this again. BZZZ! "You must be logged in to do that." Ok ok, let me try again maybe the bug is fixed now. BZZZ!

I suppose, if not for other reasons, than for that alone, I am a loser.

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