"Viacom Tells YouTube: Hands Off"

From the NY Times today, "Viacom Tells YouTube: Hands Off" This isn't exactly shocking news and this isnt the first time a mega company or conglomerate has told YouTube to knock it off. But this was the first notice to YouTube of this type – an aggressive sort of final warning, as it seems.

I love watching Comedy Central videos on YouTube, you know, the likes of John Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Chappele Show, all that stuff (even though I save all the new episodes to my DVR), but I can't help believe that while I'm watching the video, if Viacom's corporate lawyers had their way they'd even have me cough up some pesos.


Where is this going, I wonder. I can't help but think that somehow this is going to affect me, and my wallet. Why do I get the feeling that very soon a deal will be worked out where if I want access to, eh hem, "Premium Content" such as "The Daily Show" I'm going to end up having to become a "Premium Member." Hey, someone has to pay. Seems like the simplest solution to me – not that I'd pay. Cuz I'll just hack my Comcast DVR or start finding the videos I want online with some Russian startup.