Creating the next Google?

Another interesting little piece in the NY Times. So they’re going to go head to head against Google eh? OK, even with the punches Google has been taking lately I think going toe to toe with them is futile. It’s like the Swiss Army going up against the US Army – it’s laughable. However, after the laughter, one must also acknowledge the balls these companies have going up against Google. I admire it. Google, like Microsoft and like IBM, cannot maintain it’s position at the top forever – it’s not natural and it’s not realistic to think that any company can be #1 for ever (on the Internet anyway) – other industries is a different story (e.g., GE, Wal-Mart). So at some point, someone will take Google down from the perch, even if briefly. I don’t see it happening for many years. And when it does happen, I don’t think search will be like it is today (text based, search engine websites, etc). The Internet is still in its infancy, or it’s a toddler, I’m not sure. But at 13 years old (out of the womb), it’s still very immature. I just think that any company that really wants to compete with Google, and their visions of artificial intelligence better step WAY out of the box, think WAY long term, and start to plant those seeds. Google has a big leg up on the competition.

Google – love ’em or hate ’em – they’re like the moon, pulling and pushing the tides of the Internet and they have the power, and will continue to have the power, to shape what tomorrow’s Internet has to offer.